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This first ever Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy is an exciting step forward. It makes headway on addressing complex problems, consistent with what New Zealanders identified as important to them. 

However a single strategy and programme of action cannot solve the challenges of child and youth wellbeing all at once. The Strategy is supported by other areas of work and action plans across government that, when implemented will also help achieve the outcomes in the Strategy.  Many of these are detailed in the Government Programme of Action.

The Strategy will be reviewed at least every three years, to address gaps and identify new areas of focus, while the Programme of Action will be updated when required. 

There are legal requirements and operational arrangements in place to ensure collective Ministerial and agency-level governance and accountability for the Strategy. These also improve transparency through annual public reporting against the Strategy’s outcomes.

Government will work with and support others to adopt the Strategy in their business planning and find opportunities to align our work.   

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Growing collective action

New Zealanders who helped develop the strategy said it must be bigger than government.

While the Government is committed to achieving the outcomes contained in this Strategy, we know we need everyone’s help.  We all have important roles to improve child and youth wellbeing – families, whānau, hapū, iwi, community groups, service providers, the business and philanthropic sectors, government and local government.

This Strategy provides a unifying framework and way of aligning our efforts. Together, we can ensure that all children and young people receive the support they need to achieve wellbeing in every area of their lives.

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That's the most important thing. That kids feel that there are people in their corner and they'll always be in their corner.

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Thursday, 29 August 2019