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Actions for 'Outcome: Have what they need'

Ngā mahi mā 'Hua: Whai i ā rātou hiahia'

Our priority is reducing child poverty by improving the material wellbeing of households in poverty and hardship. This focus has the potential to break the cycle of disadvantage and intergenerational poverty, and improve many other wellbeing outcomes.

Action focus areas

Improve earnings and employment

  • Increase the minimum wage to $20 per hour by 2021
  • Increase employment support through the Ministry of Social Development
  • Support for people with disabilities and health conditions

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Create a fairer and more equitable welfare system ​

  • Continue to implement the Families Package 
  • Indexation of main benefits to wages 
  • Repeal section s.192 of the Social Security Act 2018
  • Overhaul the welfare system

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Improve housing affordability, quality and security

  • Establish 6,400 new public housing places
  • Implement Healthy Homes Standards
  • Warmer Kiwi Homes programme
  • Strengthen Housing First
  • Funding for continued provision of transitional housing

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Help families with the cost of essentials

  • Free school lunch programme
  • Initiatives to reduce costs of schooling
  • Implement lower-cost primary healthcare

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Indicators for 'Outcome: Have what they need'

Indicators are used to measure progress on outcomes - for this outcome, the indicators are:

  • Material wellbeing
  • Material hardship (child poverty)
  • Low income BHC50 (child poverty)
  • Low income AHC50 (child poverty)
  • Food insecurity
  • Housing quality
  • Housing affordability

You can learn more about these measures on the Indicators page.

Last updated: 
Thursday, 29 August 2019