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The way we treat children and young people, the way we look after their wellbeing, and ensure their lives are full of opportunity says so much about what kind of country we are.

Positive childhood experiences are critical to their wellbeing in the here and now as well as to their future.

While the majority of New Zealand’s children and young people are doing well, the distressing reality is that many are not experiencing anything close to a good life.

Too many children and young people and their families are facing significant, often ongoing, adversity, deprivation and stress which reduces their wellbeing and life opportunities.

The Government has enacted legislation which requires ongoing political accountability for reducing child poverty and improving child wellbeing,

The Child and Youth Wellbeing  Strategy is part of that requirement, and is an exciting step forward. It sets out a shared understanding of what children and young people need and want in order to be well, what government is and should be doing to support them, and also how we must work together. 

Find out more about the legislation that underpins this Strategy

Last updated: 
Thursday, 29 August 2019