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Measuring success

Te Ine Angitu
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The legislation underpinning the Strategy ensures real public transparency and political accountability for reporting on child and youth wellbeing. There will be an annual report to Parliament on achievement of the outcomes, with the first report due in early 2021.

To assist with this annual reporting, we have established a set of indicators to help measure progress in achieving the outcomes in the Strategy.

The reporting will include specific information on outcomes for Māori children and young people, an analysis of outcomes by household income or socio-economic status, and by other variables where data is available. The annual report will also include information on evaluations of individual policies and actions in the Strategy.

The Government Statistician will also be reporting each year on New Zealand’s child poverty rates, providing a monitoring framework for progress toward our targets.

The legislation also requires that the Strategy is refreshed at least once every three years, following public consultation. This places an ongoing focus on children and young people and ensures the Strategy remains responsive to current and future issues.

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