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Involvement in community


Involvement in the community provides positive experiences for children and young people, and helps them connect with those around them and begin to develop a sense of contribution and responsibility for their physical and social environments. This indicator will look at how often children and young people help others in their neighbourhood or community. 

Being involved in the community is beneficial to children's learning and development, and adds to their sense of belonging.  Community involvement includes things like helping out at the marae or church, volunteering, collecting for charity, and their participation in community groups, such as cultural, sports and environmental groups.

Community involvement can often flow on to civic engagement and participation in decision making.

Involving children and young people in matters that affect them improves their participation in social services. Many local governments in New Zealand recognise the importance of the views of children and young people, and incorporate child and youth boards, references groups, and consultations on initiatives that impact them.

This indicator relates to the 'involved and empowered' outcome.

How will we measure this?

  • This indicator will be measured using data from the Youth Health and Wellbeing Survey - 'WhatAboutMe?'
  • Baseline data from the survey is expected in 2021.

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Last updated: 
Thursday, 23 July 2020