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Children and young people are accepted, respected and connected

Lead agency: 
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Justice
From 2019

A work programme is being developed to address racism and discrimination, including through policy and legislative processes; for example, by ensuring that the Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi), and anti-racism and anti-discrimination considerations are built into advice to Ministers, and Cabinet and Parliamentary processes.

Cross-agency policy advice on reducing the impact of racism and discrimination across government and within the education system is underway. Te Arawhiti has published a range of tools and resources to build public sector capability in regard to the Te Tiriti. In July 2020, The Human Rights Commission launched the second phase of its Give Nothing to Racism campaign, which has a focus on raising awareness of racist behaviour and the harm caused to those on the receiving end.

Scoping work is underway on the National Action Plan Against Racism.  Legislative work to end the use of conversion practices (also known as "gay conversion therapy") has also progressed, with legislation expected to be passed by early 2022.