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Youth Week 2020

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Aotearoa Youth Week 2020 is being celebrated, like never before - in our bubbles and online!

Youth Week is an annual festival of events where we as a nation are able to celebrate our young people, their strengths, talents and resilience.  While COVID-19 has impacted the usual ways this nationwide festival is delivered, rangatahi are rising to the challenge - from online competitions and quiz nights, to art and fitness challenges, through to virtual get-togethers and circus performances, young people are determined to connect with their peers in positive, meaningful ways.

This year’s theme - ‘We are speaking, are you listening?’, chosen by young people, is an invitation to conversation.

This theme reflects what we heard throughout our engagement as part of the development of the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy. Young people consistently said they want more of a voice and to have their concerns, views and ideas recognised and respected by adults. Listening to young people, and involving them in planning and decision making gives them a stronger sense of belonging, agency and voice.

Youth Week also recognises the youth workers, youth service providers and others working with and for young people.  It is coordinated by Ara Taiohi, with the support of the Ministry of Youth Development.

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About the poster

This year's winning poster was designed by 19 year old Courtney Bignell:  “Over recent years we have seen an increase in youth standing and speaking  up for what they believe in, a youth wave as some would call it. I chose to engage with Youth Week as I believe it’s important that all young people have a chance to speak up for what they believe in as well as participating in things that ignite their flame.”