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Life-skills = work-ready skills

Monday, 9 Dec 2019

A series of short videos featuring students from Manurewa High School showcase how their life-skills are relevant to the world of work.

Many young people don’t realise the wide range of skills they’ve built over time and are therefore unable to articulate these skills to prospective employers. They often need someone to help them recognise what they have to offer, and also need employers to think beyond the box when hiring.

The ‘Youth got skills’ videos highlight how the students acquire and apply vital work-ready skills - communication, critical thinking, presentation skills, digital literacy, financial literacy, teamwork, problem solving, time management and creativity - in everyday life activities, in and out of school.

The videos also feature representatives from a range of employers - Air New Zealand, Spark NZ, MYOB, HIP Group and Fusion Networks - talking about how the skills acquired by these young people are useful and applicable in their respective industries.

Fiona Melrose from HIP Group says when young people speak about things they’re passionate about, they’re often able to demonstrate attributes that you don’t always see on paper.

“Employers should look outside the specifics of job capabilities. Ask young people about themselves and where their passion lies, and align this with the roles you have," Fiona says.

Likewise, Fusion Networks CEO Andrew Gurr says employers should look further than just academic achievements when looking for talent.

"Put more emphasis on young students’ attitude, their thinking around creativity in terms of wider activities they participate in, and their team learning."

'Youth Got Skills’ videos:

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