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Lead agency: 
Ministry of Education
Implementation began 2019

Te Ahu o Te Reo Māori is intended to better integrate te reo Māori across the education system, ensuring the workforce can comfortably use some level of te reo Māori correctly with students and, over time, increasingly incorporating te reo Māori into teaching practices and programmes.

It is designed to improve all levels of Māori language ability in the education workforce. Staff can participate in kura reo-style learning with support from a group of te reo Māori experts, some of which will be delivered through wānanga and online learning support.

An evaluation of initial programme testing found that the programme delivery was of a very high quality and participant confidence and use of te reo increased. 

The programme was extended in 2021 to reach schools across the country. The aim is to for up to 40,000 of the education workforce to successfully complete Te Ahu o te Reo Māori between 2021 – 2025 (up to 10,000 places annually).

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